Black Friday & Cyber Monday @ Bundycoot’s

As you know Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner *gasp*. On the recommendation of some friends I decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer some great savings on membership levels and commissions *double gasp*! So here’s the Black Friday & Cyber Monday FAQ to answer all of your questions.

When will the blowout start?

Black Friday will be on November 27th 2015 and Cyber Monday will be on November 30th 2015. Buuut, I’ll be generous and extend these dates – meaning the blowout will last from November 23rd 2015 to December 4th 2015!

How much money will I save?

All Adult Hut membership levels: -35%
Discount code:
Commissions: -40%

Bonus part! If you’re able to sign up for the Adult Hut or place your commission on the exact date of either Black Friday (November 27th 2015) or Cyber Monday (November 30th 2015) you’ll even save some more money!

All Adult Hut membership levels: -45%
Discount code on Black Friday:
Discount code on Cyber Monday:
Commissions: -50%

Is there a discount code for the commissions?

No there isn’t. Just send in your request in time and I’ll do the math. Oh, and the guidelines still apply!

Are there commission slots?

Yes (unfortunately) there are 5 commission slots. There’s also a “first come, first served” rule. Boooooo! Yeah, I know, it’s some kind of a gambling game if you’d like to place your commission on Black Friday/Cyber Monday to get more discounts and all of the slots are probably already taken. Hey, otherwise this wouldn’t be fun and challenging, right? But don’t worry I’ll keep you guys up-to-date via social feeds (Twitter & Google+) if slots are still available.

Is there a general money-back-guarantee?


Good luck and happy shopping!

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