So you chose a furry alter ego then? Eeeww, how gross!
Truth to be told, I don’t know why I chose a furry alter ego. I guess animals were the first thing I drew “properly” when I started drawing back then.

And what exactly is your furry supposed to be? Is it a dog, a kangaroo or a fucking roadkill?!
It’s supposed to be a mixture of a bat and a flying fox with retarded wings. Don’t ask…

Do you have any graphic arts education?
Nope! I’ve never attended any graphic arts related school or course. Everything I know I taught myself. That’s probably the reason why I have a Iack of so many things. Also, grampa, a professional commercial artist, has passed me the passion for drawing.

Your tools of the trade are?

– DIN A4 copy paper
– CANSON’s Fanboy Comic Book Art Boards (11″x17″) and Comic Strip Boards (5″x17″)
– kneaded eraser
– an HB (0.5 mm) drop action pencil (so I don’t need to sharpen that thing)
– STAEDTLER’s pigment liners (all available sizes)
– occasionally COPIC markers
– a scanner
– Photoshop CS5.1 Extended
– WACOM tablet (CintiQ 13HD)

and most important of all: My twisted mind!
Funny thing though, for sketching I frequently draw on squared paper with a ball pen.

Are you open for commissions, art trades, requests, gift art, etc.?

Basically, yes. If you’re interested, place your order here.

– Art trades
Well, it depends on the person (reliability, drawing skill level, etc.) and the project itself.

– Requests and gift art
No. See, I need money to pay my bills and crack whores; and to buy comics, collectibles and video games.

Why do you draw mostly fan art? Don’t you have any characters/projects of your own?
That’s because I’m a lazy bum and the characters/projects of my own somehow derive from already existing cartoons/comics. And I’m also not good at writing (long-term) stories. Besides, people seem to be more interested in the fan art I do than my creations.

Why do you get butt-hurt when you see art of yours posted/used somewhere else? Keyword: Art theft
Shitstorm ahoy!
Well, believe it or not, but when I started drawing and then saw some of my pics posted/used somewhere else on the net, I did feel flattered. I was like “Wow, they actually do like my creations.” But wait, they didn’t ask me for permission or credited me. And oh no, someone even claimed the image as his/her own!
So what did I do next? I asked them if they could credit or ask me the next time and don’t claim the drawings as their own. What did I receive? Either no reply or even worse: they just gave me the finger; like “Haw-haw, what are you sick little prick gonna do about it?” or “It’s your own fault – why did you put it online in the first place?!”
Little by little, I did learn coping with the situation and I decided to put a very ugly (stencil-like) mugshot of myself and my website address on each of my works. So I don’t really need to care if others credit me or not.
Against accusations I was trolling the whole interwebs: I don’t have much spare time to hunt down all of the art thieves myself. Friends note me where to find the stolen artwork.
I might sound like a broken record, but wait till it concerns YOU personally. Mark my words. At first you feel flattered and some people might even credit you fully and stuff (which makes you continue with utter joy), but 9 out of 10 don’t give a fudge.
You personally don’t mean anything to them, because in their opinion you’re only good enough to entertain them. They don’t care about the effort you put in. If you can deal with that and if you don’t mind being the jackassed fool left behind, fine then. Wow, you actually read this whole text wall, congrats!

But you post pictures that aren’t actually drawn by you too…don’t you?!
That’s right, but I always ask for permission first and then credit the concerned artist fully.

Where do you take your bat-shit crazy ideas (e.g. BBC) from? What have you been smoking and can I have some?
There’s no plausible answer to that question. And no, you can’t have any of my dope.


Can I ask you something?
No, I’m tired. So be kind and fuck off, will ya?!