Payment via PayPal only. Do not pay in advance, otherwise it will be considered as a donation! Wait for the PayPal invoice I’ll send to you. Once you paid you’ll receive the finished work. There’s no money-back-guarantee!!

Correspondence with the client
During the work in progress I’ll keep in touch with you, so we can discuss modifications and all that jazz.
Note! While changes during the sketch phase are for free, I’ll charge any other adjustment ($ 5 – $ 25; depending on the modification) from the moment I start with the digital inking.

Tools of trade
I color digitally only; no COPIC markers or any other traditional media will be used.

Publishing and quality
You can either decide if your commission will be private or public.
As the artist I have the right to publish your commission (if public) wherever I’d like to. You’re also allowed to post it on the interwebs…oh, and crediting me would be great!
The final image comes in a 300 dpi resolution PNG-file with the Bundycoot logo and web address.

Things I won’t draw
– Weird fetishes (e.g. inflation, diaperism, vore, humanized inanimate objects, transformation, tickling, etc.)
– Dickgirls
– Your mom
– Child porn/Lolicon
– Gender bender
– Scat
– extreme BDSM
– Other stuff that doesn’t float my boat

Negotiable topics

Your OC (original character) if it’s not
– based on an existing cartoon show / comic book / animu/manga, etc. character (e.g. Mary Sue the Chibi-Hedgehog)
– paired with an existing cartoon show / comic book / animu/manga, etc. character – and the additional offspring of your relationship.

I don’t mind “furry art” if it’s fan art of existing cartoon shows, comic books, video games, mascots and so on (e.g. Looney Tunes, Blacksad, Crash Bandicoot). If you have a furry OC I’m ok with that too, as long as it doesn’t concern the above stated no-nos and OC guidelines.

Short stories that last not more than 3 pages.
Classical (3-4 panel) comic strips.

Note! Even if your commission conforms to the guidelines, I still have the right to refuse it if I feel uncomfortable with it.